About Cork Vending Solutions

About Cork Vending Solutions

Cork Vending Solutions is an established and energetic company providing a complete beverage and confectionary refreshment service.  We are a Cork based and owned company.

We offer both branded and non-branded vending machines which means that the customer can order any items they want for their vending machines or even de-list items if needed.

We have been operating for a number of years and have built up a wide range of customers.

Our recent successes with Corks leading institutes and companies have been built on our ability to provide a quality vending machine service at a competitive rate, from sales to full service vending, including evaluating machine locations, service options, and stock control.

We currently provide full line vending machines for businesses, colleges, schools, gyms and factories across Cork City and County.  We will gladly provide references if needed.

As a local company we find that we can meet our customers needs better. We provide public liability insurance and would be responsible for all damage, breakage and maintenance of the vending machines.

In my experience CVS has provided, and currently has, the best service available amongst all other vending companies I have dealt with in my 10 years working here…..